What is an "always list"?
An Always List (AL) is a paid membership for exclusive offers, and passes to closed offers and customs.

What do I get with the AL?
Paid members will get special offers, access to closed offers, all offers they would like, and exclusive first dibs on future offers. Members will also have the chance to have their photos used for future offers.

When does my membership start?
The day your payment has cleared.

How do I sign up?
E-mail noelsalwayslist[at]gmail.com

How do I request?
All requesting information is available at Finding Forever Designs on Facebook.

Where are my pickups?
Pickups will be posted on the FFD Facebook fan page. The one week rule and DNM (do not make) list still applies for AL members. If you make it on the DNM list, your membership will be revoked and you will not be refunded.

If I have closed offers remaining from the previous month, can I add them to next month's count?
No. If you do not use all of your allowed closed offers each month, the count will start over on the first of the next month.

Are the set limits for Finding Forever and Rockin' with Wild together?
Yes. You do not get the set limit from each site. You have to split it up.